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          Pastor Brian James Edmonds currently serves as the Senior Pastor of the Macedonia Church of Pittsburgh.  He has faithfully served this congregation since 2007 as the Preaching Pastor of Discipleship and the Pastor of Young Adult and Campus Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Emeritus Jason A. Barr, Jr.  Pastor Edmonds assumed the position of Senior Pastor in April of 2012.


          Pastor Edmonds was born and raised in Baltimore, MD where he was also licensed to preach the Gospel by the Central Baptist Church in 2004.  In 2006, Pastor Edmonds graduated magna cum laude from the Duke University Divinity School, with a Master of Divinity Degree and the award for Excellence in Biblical Studies.  Following his graduation from Duke Divinity School, he was ordained by the American Baptist Churches of the South.


          At the University of Virginia, Pastor Edmonds received a Bachelors of Science in Systems Engineering from the School of Engineering and Applied Science. While he greatly values the technical knowledge that he gained from that degree, he is dedicated to being a “social engineer” who seeks to impact the current culture by empowering youth, adults, and all whom he encounters to live a purpose driven life. His understanding of a call to full-time ministry evolved while he was an undergraduate student at UVA.


          During his senior year, he co-chartered a chapter of a campus ministry called the Impact Movement that was focused on African-American college students taking the truth of Jesus Christ to the campus, the community, and the world. God used this experience to inspire Pastor Edmonds to pursue a lifetime of ministry. Helping people to move from mediocrity to ministry is the primary passion of Pastor Edmonds. His ministry has led him to preach, teach, and inspire people throughout the U.S., Central America, Africa, and the Middle East. While his ministry has led him across the country and around the globe, Pastor Edmonds is careful not to neglect the place where he is presently planted. In Pittsburgh, you will often find him engaged in community development and using his kingdom perspective to advance God’s purposes in the world. As God has called him to many different areas of ministry, Pastor Edmonds continues to believe that “Faithful is He who calls, and He will also bring it to pass” (1 Thess. 5:24).

          Pastor Edmonds has been blessed to serve as the MC for the National Impact Movement conference, The Savoy Praise and Worship Concert Series, and numerous other conferences and events. He is also honored to serve as a teacher, mentor, tutor, coach, advisor, or participant in numerous religious, civic, and professional organizations.


          Pastor Edmonds is convinced that his impact on the world is firmly rooted in the love, support, and guidance that he has received from his family, mentors, and friends. He is privileged and honored to be married to Rev. Dionne Edmonds and to partner with her in life and ministry. They are blessed to be the parents of one daughter, Zoë Gailyn Edmonds.

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