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Thank you for your interest in GOT FIRE Teens! Serving persons under 18 in
ministry begins with completing and returning the 4 plus clearances and/or
documents (see below). Please use the online options when applying. Also
please apply for each clearance as a VOLUNTEER and list “Macedonia
Church of Pittsburgh” as your Identified Volunteer Agency when applicable.

Upon receiving your clearances scan and email them to and

Child abuse clearance = REQUIRED
PA Child Abuse History Certification

State Police (AKA Criminal) Clearance = REQUIRED
PA State Police Criminal History Record Check

National Sex Offender Registry Clearance = REQUIRED
National Sex Offender Registry (

Disclosure Statements = REQUIRED
New 2020 Disclosure statement.pdf (

FBI clearance = ONLY REQUIRED for Out of state or Out of country
volunteers. See Teen Ministry for more support
FBI Criminal History Background Check (

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