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Thank you for expressing interest in the worship team at Macedonia Church of Pittsburgh, also known as Adonai Worship. We are grateful for the powerful ways God has been moving within and throughout our worship ministry. We are also excited about your desire to serve and can’t wait to see and hear your audition.

AUDITION GUIDELINES: All auditions must be submitted via YouTube video (link). The video can be recorded right from your phone, laptop, or other device then uploaded to YouTube. Once your video is recorded and uploaded, go to the privacy settings and select “UNLISTED.” Please title your video as follows:



Then submit the link to us on the registration form below.


We are not accepting musician/instrumentalist auditions at this time.



Must sing a cappella (no accompaniment). You may sing any song you’ve heard Adonai Worship sing before. Please be sure to tell us your name and indicate your voice part at the beginning of your video submission.



Once we’ve received your audition video, you will receive an e-mail confirming our receipt. Our goal is to respond to each submission within 2 weeks of your submission date. Whether you have been selected for a callback audition or not we will follow up with you to let you know the results of your audition. If, for some reason, you have not received follow-up after 14 days, we encourage you to follow-up with us just to make sure we received your audition.


*If you have technical difficulties, are not tech savvy and need assistance OR you have questions, please feel free to email Angelique Strothers at or call her at 412-281-8437.


Lastly, we encourage you to read over the Adonai Worship Creed before submitting an audition video. We want to be certain that you agree with the direction of our worship ministry, and understand and can align with the vision and values of Macedonia Church. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and thank you, again, for your interest in being a part of what God is doing in worship at Macedonia!




A Macedonia Worship Leader is a born again believer who recognizes God as both Savior and Adonai—He is our Lord and the Master of our lives. We are called by God, skilled in our craft, and we minister in excellence. We are known by our love. Our hearts are surrendered to the Holy Spirit. Our lifestyles honor Adonai because we have consistent prayer lives, we know and live scripture, we walk in freedom from sin and bondage, and we are accountable to one another. We understand our God-given purpose and identity as we walk in boldness and authority. By faith, we expect every worship encounter to yield more reverence for God, more love for His people, and more change in our lives. More reverence, more love, more change. WE ARE ADONAI WORSHIP.


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